Val Kilmer looked in the late 80’s and early 90’s like a long term superstar. But he couldn’t quite seem to sustain it, and while his talent is undeniable, many of his movies the last ten years have been less then universally acclaimed. It’s too bad, his performances in Tombstone, The Salton Sea, Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang and The Doors are fantastic. He has a reputation for being “mercurial” (that means he’s a big jerk) and maybe that’s interfering with his ability to get great roles. But that doesn’t stop him from giving it the old college try.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Kilmer will star with Marge Helgenberger and Wilmer Valderrama in Columbus Day. He will play a thief trying to set things right on a job that is going wrong. Helgenberger will play his wife and Valderrama his cohort. The movie was written and directed by Charles Burmeister, who has one documentary and a short film to his credit.

I like both Val Kilmer and heist movies, so this might be something I’d like if it turns out ok. I’m leery of Valderrama’s involvement since other than ‘That 70’s Show’ he seems to focus most of his time on stupid reality programs and junk like the movie version of ChiPs. But, it’s a decent cast and sometimes first-time directors strike gold.

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