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Ghostbusters 3 is not approaching from a distant horizon. It’s not right around the corner, and it’s not just down the block. Maybe it will happen, maybe it won’t, and the latter is something all of us fans are going to have to come to terms with. Bill Murray, last we heard, still hasn’t read the script and the film doesn’t get made without him on board. A sad story to be sure.

But in the midst of all the gloom, a video has emerged on the web to remind us how great movies used to be made and that even without a third, we still have Ghostbusters 1 & 2 that still satisfy as if fresh off the presses. This new video showcases some early puppet tests of everyone’s favorite goofy ghoul, Slimer. Piloted by Robin Shelby, it’s interesting and slightly unnerving to see acting coaches speaking in to her through Slimer’s huge gaping mouth.

Not to say that all films made today rely too heavily on CG, but many forget that putting something practical on a set can create something much more special than something crafted in a computer. Look at Where the Wild Things Are. Not a perfect movie, but the creatures would ave been wholly unrelatable had they not been on set for young Max to interact with. Check out the video below.