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WALL-E Almost Used Alien Blobs Instead Of Fat Humans

One of the many reasons people loved Pixar’s WALL-E was the way it took such a sharp jab at modern society by depicting future humans as fat, lazy, useless blobs. But the movie wasn’t always going to be that way. Apparently the original plan was not to have WALL-E encounter humans at all, but rather a race of alien “gelatins”. WALL-E would have found them in space, living in a floating palace, inside a giant bubble, ruled by a king and queen.

It seems clear that Pixar, by abandoning that idea and going with something more pointed, went in the right direction. Also they gave our society something to shoot for. I can’t wait till I get my floaty chair and no longer have to get up to do things like open the refrigerator. But if you’re wondering what the movie might have been like with alien blobs instead of human blobs, Pixar has provided an answer on their official Facebook page with this early piece of WALL-E concept art depicting the aliens: