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Last year’s Terminator: Genisys was meant to pump new life into the aging franchise, and be the first in a new series of films. However, something stood in the way of this plan upon release. It wasn’t very good. Even more importantly, very few people saw it. While it seemed that these two factors would combine to put a stop to any future Terminator films, it appears that nobody told Arnold Schwarzenegger this. He’s raring to go on the next movie.

While there were originally plans for two additional films in the Terminator franchise following Terminator: Genisys, the studio has gone silent on them since Genisys bombed. However, according to The Telegraph, star Arnold Schwarzenegger recently gave an interview on Australia's Channel 9 where he suggests that the next movie is still happening.
I am looking forward to it, absolutely.

If there’s anybody who knows more than the rest of the stars of the film regarding a potential sequel, it would certainly beArnold Schwarzenegger. Having said that, this is the most positive statement that we’ve heard from anybody thus far, even though it's short on any real detail. Anybody else who has spoken publicly about the franchise has talked about the desire to make another, or about the fact that the plans are not dead, but it hasn’t looked like anybody has actually made any decisions, up to this point. Arnold did not go into any further detail, so it’s unclear if he actually knows something that nobody else knows, or if a recent decision has been made, or if he simply really wants to make the movie personally. We're leaning towards that last one.

It is true that in the final analysis, Terminator: Genisys was successful. While it crashed hard at the U.S. box office, unable to break $90 million, it did remarkably well overseas, primarily in China, and did end up turning a decent profit. Since the box office has become a global concern, it’s no longer a necessity that a movie do well in the U.S. As long as it can be successful enough to make money someplace, the possibility of a sequel is still there. The foreign box office was able to pump some amount of life into the ailing franchise. It wouldn’t be the first time a sequel was greenlit following a strong showing overseas. While Marvel’s Ant-Man did significantly better that Genisys in the U.S., it’s the Chinese box office that is being given credit for the fact that a sequel was given the go ahead so quickly.

What did you think of Terminator: Genisys? Are you looking forward to seeing a sequel to the franchise, or is it finally time to just let the machines take over and be done with it?

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