Warner Bros. Wants Steven Spielberg To Direct Film About The Life Of Moses

Steven Spielberg has never been shy about expressing the passion he has for his heritage. Both Schindler's List and Munich show the pride and pain of the Jewish experience without ever being preachy or forward. That said, one would have to be curious to find out what he would do with the story of the Torah's greatest hero.

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. is now attempting to get Spielberg interested in directing Gods and Kings, an epic about the life of Moses written by Michael Green and Stuart Hazeldine. This, of course, would include the story of Moses freeing the Jewish people from tyranny in Egypt and leading a 40-year pilgrimage to the Promised Land. Other well known moments from the life of Moses include his conversation with the Burning Bush (aka God), the ten plagues, the parting of the Red Sea, and the reception of the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. While the filmmaker has not entered any formal meetings about the project as of yet, he has read the script.

The site also says that it may be a challenge getting Spielberg involved. In addition to the fact that the filmmaker has both Lincoln and Robopocalypse on his upcoming slate, WB would also have to agree to work with Dreamworks on the project. It's also stressed that the movie will not be a remake of Cecile B. DeMille's The Ten Commandments. Between this and Mel Gibson's film about Judah Maccabee, it looks like the next few years might be filled with a hefty dose of Old Testament.

Eric Eisenberg
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