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June has arrived, and with it, comes a new 13-minute featurette for Man of Steel, courtesy of Warner Bros. In addition to showing off some of the more exciting glimpses of the film, the featurette also includes comments from screenwriter David S. Goyer, director Zack Synder and some of the cast and producers, who speak about the film, the story, the characters and the tone, scope and scale of the movie.

Man of Steel arrives in theaters in less than two weeks reintroducing us to the beloved DC Comics caped character Superman. One of the things I find particularly interesting about the featurette is all of the talk about grounding the story in a reality that's familiar to viewers. "Our approach was not a comic book Superman," Goyer says. "It was just to do a more realistic Superman. A Superman that exists in a real world." They seem intent on bringing familiar settings into the story. Between Krypton, Smallville and Metropolis, fans of the character should be used to seeing fictional settings in this story, but the sight of a 7-11 in a scene may make the movie feel a bit more grounded in reality. And it sounds like they're aiming to make Superman, himself, relatable to people, which seems to tap into the heart of the character. Beyond his powers, Superman's an icon of hope. As Russell Crowe says, "It's about the potential for every person to be a force of good."

There's also some interesting talk about the costume. They kept the cape, but lost the underwear. And they made sure to work the iconic "S" onto some of the other Kryptonian characters.

Between all of the trailers and TV spots, not to mention this jumbo-sized featurette, fans eager to see the film arrive in theaters have certainly gotten a lot to look at. Man of Steel arrives in theaters June 14.

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