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Watch Ant-Man Use His Powers To Cheat In New Deleted Scene

Scott Lang is the hero in Marvel's Ant-Man. Having said that, he’s not an entirely heroic figure to begin with. The movie starts with him getting out of prison and his only friends are the people he had previously done time with. With that in mind, it becomes much less surprising to discover that Scott Lang is actually a dirty, dirty, cheater. As part of the film’s Blu-ray release we now have access to another scene that was cut out, one that shows Paul Rudd’s character using the Ant-Man suit to do some less than noble things.

The scene was obviously scratched before the completion of post production, and though it was filmed, the special effects were never finished. The best part of the scene is actually the little hand drawn Ant-Man that’s been put in place of where the character was supposed to stand.

In actuality, we may have been a little tough on Scott Lang earlier. While he is certainly cheating a casino out of their money, he appears to be doing it to help out his friends, not purely for profit. When the guys are all celebrating you can clearly hear Michael Pena’s Luis say, "I wish Scottie was here," and when they return back to the apartment, Lang is chilling on the couch like he’s been there all night. It looks like the guys didn’t even known their microscopic buddy was lending them a hand. He helped his friends have a fun night out and wind up a few dollars richer. That’s noble, right?

This scene is part of a larger sequence that we have previously heard about called "wish fulfillment," in which Lang uses the suit for a number of less than proper purposes including, apparently, going into a women’s locker room in addition to the casino shenanigans. The entire montage was eventually removed for being a little too silly, which seems to be a frequent reason that scenes get cut from superhero movies.

On the one hand it makes sense, Ant-Man is about Lang redeeming himself and a sequence like this puts a bit of a delay in that path. On the other hand, the movie was very much a comedy, so the idea that the scene was deemed silly seems like an odd reason to take it out. Although the sneaking into the locker room bit seems more than a little juvenile, and that’s something the movie was not.

Cutting scenes is always a tough decision and sometimes doing so removes some really cool stuff, but the final cut of the film was perfectly good, adn this scene would have changed the flow. Good enough that the sequel will be on its way before you know it.

Dirk Libbey

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