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Watch Back To The Future Vs. Cloud Atlas Trailer Mashup

Whether you loved or loathed Cloud Atlas, you have to admit it was an admirably ambitious endeavor. Here at Cinema Blend we largely adored Wachowski Starship's adaptation of David Mitchell's thought-provoking novel, but the wider critic community was less enthused. Worse yet, audiences weren't drawn in, so the massively budgeted sci-fi epic is depending on foreign markets to get it back in the black.

With its globe trotting and time jumping plotlines that speak of reincarnation, love and the fight against tyranny, perhaps Cloud Atlas would have been better served as trilogy. (Hey, it's working for The Hobbit.) At least, that's what a clever trailer from Justin Fields suggests.

On his Facebook page, Fields confesses that Cloud Atlas delivered his favorite trailer of the year. You know, the one that clocked in at nearly six minutes, thrilled fans of the book and left everyone else more confused than ever? Well, Fields decided to pay homage to that unconventional trailer by cutting in scenes from his favorite movie trilogy, Back to the Future. The results are surprisingly fitting and decidedly funny. Check it out below:

From teasing Marty and Doc's bromance into more of an outright romance, to turning rock and roll into the titular sextet, and making Back to the Future Part III look newly enticing, Fields has a lot of fun with both movies in a way that somehow doesn't come off as mocking. Now let's see if anyone will be so daring as to flop it, cutting video from Cloud Atlas to a Back to the Future trailer. Remember, if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.