Entertainment Tonight, those famous ruiners of new trailers who can't seem to stop talking over whatever content they're given, are a little less disastrous when they're merely visiting the set of a movie. So while you have to cope with a lot of talking heads and frozen smiles of blond anchors, you can also now get your chance to see Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx and Roland Emmerich together on the set of White House Down, the thriller currently shooting in Montreal. It's definitely worth it just to see Tatum's "I got it on the first take!" dance. Take a look below:

The snarky comment about Tatum falling into the pool is a little jarring at the end there, but at the same time, they probably have a point-- Tatum is the hottest up-and-coming movie star there is right now, and he hasn't exactly gotten there by hiding his legendary abs. But White House Down seems to be a fairly pared-down thriller, with Tatum as a would-be Secret Service agent who winds up protecting the President (Foxx) when the White House comes under attack form terrorists.

While seeing Tatum as a full-throttle action star for the first time since G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra will probably be the film's big draw, I'm interested to see Emmerich tackle a movie that seems relatively small scale (though operating in a pretty swank set that's a perfect replica of the White House). Emmerich's last film, the ambitious and surprisingly enjoyable Anonymous, took a Shakespeare story as an opportunity to essentially recreate Elizabethan England, and before that he made 2012, still probably the final word in disaster movies (even if the world doesn't end this December). Can Emmerich really do a boiled-down thriller about one man protecting another one? He's got an ace up his sleeve in Tatum, at least, and Sony seems to believe it's a winner as well-- White House Down is being prepped for a June 28, 2013 release date.

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