Watch Every Quentin Tarantino Pop Culture Reference In Five Minutes

It's well known in the movie world that Quentin Tarantino never attended film school. Instead, the writer/director, who is actually a high school dropout, got his education working in a rental store and doing nothing but watching just about every title that the medium has to offer.

And you can spot it in all of his films as well. From his soundtracks to his dialogue, Tarantino stuffs every single one of his films with pop culture references, from the popular to the obscure. Who could forget David Carridine's Superman speech at the end of Kill Bill Vol. 2, the Christie Love chat in Reservoir Dogs or the Vanishing Point car from Death Proof? The list goes on and on, but instead of just writing about them, how about getting a chance to watch all of them?

While not an "absolute" collection (that would require making a video nearly as long as all of Tarantino's films combined), College Humor has edited together a video that puts Tarantino's numerous pop culture references together in chronological order. It's a pretty cool little clip that I recommend checking out (and it's only a little over five minutes long!)

CollegeHumor's Favorite Funny Videos

If they decide to re-edit this when Django Unchained becomes available on home video I wonder how much of it will actually change. Unlike the examples in the video above, Django's references are more on the subtle side- largely because movies didn't actually exist back in the 1850s. Perhaps they will just make due with Franco Nero's cameo and somehow find a way to include the German legend of Broomhilda and Siegfried.

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