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The Winter Olympics are upon us, and while there will be plenty of nail-biting and breathtaking moments in the coming days, let's ease into it all with one of the strangest and most darling solo skates the world has ever seen. American figure skater Tara Lipinski secured her spot in Olympic history in 1998, when the fifteen-year-old won the gold for Ladies Singles at the Nagano games. Now she skates just for the love of The Big Lebowski in this special segment from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Tipped by /Film, this routine--called "The Big Lipinksi"--shows the celebrated figure skater strutting her stuff while dabbling in some genderswap cosplay as The Big Lebowski's central hero, The Dude. Of course, she's sporting sunglasses, boxers shorts, a white V-neck tee, and a big, comfy-looking brown robe per the look below. She tops this costume off with The Dude's drink of choice, a White Russian. Then, she delivers out a killer solo skate to Kenny Rogers & The First Edition's "Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)."?

While Lipinski's performance appears to be meant as some light-hearted fun, it makes me wish The Big Lebowski would get a ridiculous ice-capades makeover from head to toe. Imagine Walter's fits and freak outs as a grand theatrical solo routine.

Picture Maude's artistic endeavors on ice!

Or dare to consider what the black bodysuit-clad nihilists would look like skating in and out of formation, because they believe in nothing.

Here's hoping Lipinski's dive into The Big Lebowski is just the first in a series of insane but charming skates. Of course the grand challenge would be translating The Dude's musical number dream sequence into something befitting the rink at Rockefeller Center.