Watch Mila Kunis Give The Best Junket Interview Ever

You have probably heard about how some celebs hate interviews, or more specifically, hate junkets. This is essentially because it’s a period of hours or days, months (sometimes years) after the performer has actually worked on a movie, and now they must talk about it again and again and again, trapped in a hotel room, answering the same string of questions about their character and the movie at hand for an endless stream of interviewers. As the interviewer, you can usually feel when you've stepped into one of these pre-ordained questions as the actor shifts into a familiar series of talking points, detailing what the PR team has decided is acceptable to reveal.

This brings us to Mila Kunis, who during an apparently dull press day for Oz the Great and Powerful, came across a newbie to the junket world, and behold! A lively and unpredictable interview was born. BBC Radio 1 reporter Chris Stark confesses at the start of the clip below that this is his first major celebrity interview, and that he is "petrified." But Kunis is all support and energy as she urges him to talk about himself, then—prompted by clearly irked PR peeps—expertly coaches him through the movie's talking points. Check it out below and marvel at Kunis in all her hilarious glory:

While it might seem mean-spirited to laugh at Stark's awkwardness—as he rambles on about his drinking buddies and asks Kunis on at least three different dates—it's worth noting that this first-timer is a British comedian. So, while it doesn't appear Kunis was in the joke here, she came out looking compassionate, grounded, and ten times cooler than before. And considering how highly we think of Mila Kunis, that's pretty damn impressive!

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.