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With reports that Warner Bros is trying to make Suicide Squad a funnier, more exciting film than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, someone took it upon themselves to create an all-new team of villains and misanthropes to rule the day. Needless to say, this bunch of characters are more laughers than fighters, but you can judge for yourself below as "Suicide Squad: The B-Team" is on display for your viewing pleasure.

We can thank the folks at Funny or Die for bringing this video to our attention, as this Suicide Squad parody has brought back some of the less effective, but more memorable villains of our childhoods. Where else will you see Heavyweights' Tony Perkis, Happy Gilmore's Shooter McGavin, and two generations of Back To The Future's Biff Tannen pooling their forces to do... well, something in the modern world. We're not quite sure what they'll be doing, but whatever it is, we'll be laughing.

Seeing as how the rumor of Warner Bros re-shoots is pretty fresh, this video serves as a funny jab at the fact that Suicide Squad is now supposedly the target of some comedic renovations. With some folks calling out Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as being a bit of a self-important bummer, now's a good time to remind the studio that if they swing the pendulum too much in the other direction, you might wind up with something resembling that other legendary Warner Bros comedy, Battlefield Earth. And as if someone had predicted we'd write that sentence, John Travolta's Terl is included in this new menagerie of baddies to prove just that point.

Of course, not everyone in Suicide Squad's B-team is a villain. After all, The Goonies' Sloth and Mrs. Doubtfire don't even rate on the villain scale, especially compared to the other folks they include in this line-up. In fact, the most intimidating member of this new team has to be Demolition Man's Simon Phoenix. With extensive weapons training, muscles for days, and an R-rated wit about him, the Wesley Snipes portrayed mastermind is the most legitimate bad guy of the bunch. It's a fact that makes us wish that Snipes could return to the world of comic movies in some capacity, because if there were anyone that could make us laugh in a movie like Suicide Squad, it's Wesley Snipes when he's at his best.
While this hypothetical line-up isn't real in the slightest, it does remind us that the proper Suicide Squad will be taking their bows on August 5th. Here's hoping that if those rumored re-shoots are actually happening, they'll remind us more of Simon Phoenix and less of Terl.