For every movie that is widely praised there are people who will mercilessly poke holes in that movie and everything so many people love about it. That is the reason for being behind the Screen Junkies Honest Trailer phenomenon, and now they’ve decided to tackle the year’s most beloved (so far) animated film: Zootopia. Take a look.

The Zootopia Honest Trailer was published on the Screen Junkies YouTube page, and, I admit, it points out plenty of odd things about the movie that I, and likely many other people missed while watching it in the theater.

So, obviously Zootopia is just plain cute in a lot of ways, but who besides the Screen Junkies team would think to wonder about where exactly all of this is taking place? Not the actual city, mind you, but the exact nature of how Zootopia came about. Did humans create it for animals? Or, did animals build it themselves after humanity died out in a barrage of "war and famine?" Will Zootopia be what happens when the dregs of humanity are blasted back to a less advanced age? Man, Screen Junkies, way to ruin the Zootopia party early.

Next we get to pick apart the adorableness that was the Zootopia character names. The trailer makes a point to note that while the animal characters themselves were pretty diverse and often complex, their names were, apparently not chosen quite so carefully. Emmett Otterton? Benjamin Clawhauser? Judy Hopps? Truly, how on the nose could they have been? Also of note, here, according to Screen Junkies, is how, despite the movie’s messages about prejudice, many of the animals act exactly as we’d expect them to. The fox is a con artist, the weasel can’t really be trusted and the sloth is the slowest thing we’ve ever seen in an animated feature. And, let’s not forget the stereotypes that the film embraces for laughs: the Italian mobster, the donut eating cop and the dumb southerner. Man, this is really ruining my memories of the movie.

They also have a rather unusual complaint about Zootopia. When we come to the idea of Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps possibly becoming romantically linked, the narrator notes that it could never happen. Then we get a montage of every animal personal area in the movie, reminding us how none of them had so much as a butthole. Meaning, of course, that Nick and Judy, not to mention the rest of Zootopia, wouldn’t be able to procreate without the necessary girl and boy parts firmly attached. Really, now, who wants to see a bunch of buttholes in a cartoon? Well, I guess some of you do...I'm not judging, just...Oh, never mind.

Well, you can pick Zootopia apart for yourself today, if you like. The movie is now out on Blu-Ray.
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