We’re just a few days away from the 88th annual Academy Awards. This is the time of year where there is endless discussion regarding the relative merits of the various films up for the Best Picture Oscar—and everyone has their own take on which film should win—but it’s also the season where parodies come out of the woodwork. Today brings perhaps the most adorable of these, unless someone ups the cute factor considerably between now and Sunday, in the form of a new TV spot for Walt Disney Animation’s upcoming animated feature Zootopia.

Zootopia takes place in a world that mirrors our own, only instead of humans, it’s populated by anthropomorphic animals of all varieties. The heroine, for instance, is a rabbit, but there are lions and sloths and cheetahs and rhinos and just about every last species you can name. In this landscape, where animals drive cars, eat at restaurants, and the like, it makes a certain amount of sense that they would also go to the movies, and this TV spot gives us a look at some of the best pun-y films of the year from the world of Zootopia.

You’ve the post-apocalyptic Mad Yax: Furry Road, the tense Cold War thriller Bridge of Sloths, and even the grim survival tale The Hibernant. Or maybe that last one is more about taking a long winter slumber instead of surviving the elements, who knows. There are even more, like Mr. Big Short, Straight Otter Zootopia, and Steve Paws.

It doesn’t open for another week, but Zootopia has already been gathering rave reviews. (Our own reviewer gave it five out of five stars, so it’s safe to say that we liked it quite a bit.) The story revolves around Judy Hops (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin), a rookie cop on the Zootopia Police Department who is ready and raring to go catch bad guys. She has to team up with Nicholas P. Wild (Jason Bateman), a fugitive con artist fox, in order to uncover a conspiracy.

As usual, Walt Disney Animation Studios has assembled a fantastic voice cast for Zootopia. In addition to Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman, the credits include Idris Elba, Jenny Slate, J.K. Simmons, Octavia Spencer, Shakira, Alan Tudyk, and even Tommy Chong, among others.

Zootopia is already open in some regions, but it will touch down on U.S. shores next Friday, March 4.
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