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Superbad is produced by Judd Apatow and written by Seth Rogen, so it’s not too surprising to see the movie taking a similar advertising approach as Knocked Up did earlier this year. Of course, that means all the standard advertising materials like posters, trailers, commercials, and such, but also the use of viral video like Knocked Up’s deleted scenes and footage of other actors playing the lead role.

For Superbad, that viral video is of an interview gone wrong. Understand that when interview junkets are done for movies they typically involve holing the actors/directors/etc in some hotel room where the press cycles through every ten to fifteen minutes. I’m sure these interviews get redundant and I’ve been on the end-of-day phone interview side where it’s clear the stars have been sapped of all energy.

So here’s what happens when your stars get testy and tired, and then have to deal with that asshole reporter who just seems to be out to get a rise out of the celebrities he’s interviewing:

Thanks to Rope of Silicon, where we first saw the video.