That's What She Said Trailer With Anne Heche Screams Sex... Literally

Cedar Rapids co-stars Anne Heche and Alia Shawkat reunite for the wacky sex comedy That's What She Said. Set in Manhattan, the sophomore directorial effort of redheaded character actress Carrie Preston, best-known as Arlene on True Blood, centers on three single women who bond over their romantic failures and sexual misadventures. Heche heads the cast as a chain-smoking cynic, whose lost faith in romance and men; Marcia DeBonis (13 Going on 30) plays her best friend, a hopeless romantic with no luck in love. And the trio is completed by Shawkat, best remembered as Maeby Fünke of Arrested Development, who portrays a nymphomaniac with major boundary issues.

The trailer below, courtesy of THR, displays a frantic energy, some regrettable fashion choices, a peppy pop song, and lots and lots of girl talk.

In the wake of Bridesmaids' massive, worldwide success, there's sure to be a wave of female-fronted comedies hoping to cash-in on moviegoers' lust for girls gone crude. Of course many of these outings will fail, falling prey to daffy antics and lackluster characters. However, though this trailer seems frantic, overeager and overstuffed, That's What She Said still appeals to me because of its smaller moments, like Shawkat's sly smile on the subway and DeBonis' woefully matchy-matchy date wardrobe. But for me, I was sold as soon Heche's surly curmudgeon paused in brushing her teeth to take a drag off her cigarette. Now, that's a character I want to see more of.

That's What She Said will make its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 20th at the Prospector Square Theatre at 5:30 pm.

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.