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When the original Ghostbusters hit the screen in 1984, we were treated to spectral librarians and Slimers, not to mention a skyscraper-tall version of a marshmallow mascot. Now we have a new generation of Ghostbusters and a new set of ghosts in need of busting. We also have a bit of new information about what the new team will be facing.

At least some of the ghosts will be based on the long history of New York City. According to Entertainment Weekly, some of the spooks that will be busted include, Pilgrims, sailors, Revolutionary War soldiers and gangsters in zoot suits. While there’s not a lot of detail about where these ghosts come from, it certainly makes it sound like most, if not all, of the ghosts in Paul Feig's reimagining will be, well, human. Ghosts are the spirits of dead people, so it would make sense that they are human. Having said that, in the original film, there’s no indication that a ghost like Slimer was ever actually a person. Whether we’ll get ghosts like that as well is unclear.

Another thing that this list seems to imply is that the movie will be chocked full of ghosts. The number of actual Ghostbusting sequences in the previous two films were actually fairly small. Most of the ghosts we saw in the first movie were when they all escaped. The only actual trapping scene we got was Slimer. Instead we saw a lot of the aftermath of the battles rather than the captures themselves. It’s possible most of these ghosts could be handled similarly, but it certainly sounds like we’ll see the new Ghostbusters fight them all. Assuming that each of these sets of ghosts are their own sequence in the film, we could have as many as four different ghost capturing moments in this movie alone. This may be a result of the huge budget the reboot has reportedly been given.

It’s also not specified if any of these potential ghosts are also the movie’s major antagonist. We don’t know anything about what the plot of the movie will be, beyond a bit about how Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy’s characters will find themselves together. If the movie has a Gozer style villain, or even a Walter Peck style villain, is unknown. If these "human" ghosts make up the majority of the film’s baddies, we’d expect that there will be something bigger and badder to play the major villain of the piece.

What do you think of this list of ghosts in the new movie? Is this an interesting trip through a city’s storied past or would you rather see more creative ghosts like the, not very human, types from the first Ghostbusters movie? Also, will there be demon dogs?