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People make movies for all sorts of reasons. Studios make them to make money. Filmmakers and actors make them out of a desire to do something creative. It turns out Ron Perlman has a very different reason for wanting to make Hellboy 3. Quite simply, he feels obligated.

While speaking after a panel at the Television Critics Association summer tour, Perlman actually made a surprising confession. He doesn’t want to make Hellboy 3. However, he feels he owes it to the fans. Slashfilm has the quote:
Let me make the record clear: I don’t want to do Hellboy 3. It’s a pain in the ass to put that makeup on and take it off. But I feel we’re obligated to finish the story. That’s it. End of conversation.

It’s difficult to tell if the tongue was well planted into the cheek when he said it, but at the same time, would anybody blame him if he isn’t looking forward to the long mornings in the makeup trailer that would be required to transform into Hellboy each day? We know the horror stories of the hours it can take to get that stuff on and off. It’s frankly amazing anybody would be willing to do that for strangers, regardless of how many millions of them there are.

While both writer/director Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman have been vocal about their desire to make a third Hellboy movie, Perlman has been especially loud recently, making both public comments and working to get hashtags trending on Twitter. One now gets the distinct impression that his gung-ho attitude may be at least slightly influenced by a desire to "get it over with." If a Hellboy 3 ever happens, it looks like Perlman would really rather it happened sooner than later. Both Perlman and del Toro have made comments, mostly joking, that Perlman is getting old and may not be able to play the part that much longer. Certainly the older Perlman gets, the less patience he’ll have for long hours in makeup. We can totally appreciate that.

Guillermo del Toro has said previously that he can’t get any studio to finance another film, and while there have been some hints that money might be available under some circumstances, nothing has been confirmed yet.

Movies are money making endeavors, and usually a good story is only important in the mind of a production company because it will drive the financial success. Whatever is driving Ron Perlman’s desire to make another Hellboy ,we really appreciate him wanting to do right by the fans and the franchise and finish the story. As movie fans, we're happy to see the need to finish a good story come first. We also appreciate the sacrifices in the makeup chair he will make on our behalf.

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