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There are few things that annoy moviegoers more than people using their cell phones during showings. It’s rude, selfish and really frustrating, especially if there’s any light or sound attached to the device. That doesn’t stop many from doing it, however. So, the executives behind Terminator: Genisys have decided to play into that impulse and create a game around it.

There was originally some talk about the game occurring during the screening of the film itself, thanks in part to some misinformation that was disseminated in this original post, but fortunately, it turns out the game will actually take place immediately prior to the film. According to JoBlo, certain cinemas will allow viewers to play a game based on the franchise against others within the same screening.

Here’s what Adam Cassels, the Audience Entertainment CMO, had to say…
"This is a true breakthrough for the movie industry. Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry, and merging that with the movies in a way that’s interactive, fun and truly memorable is a very exciting proposition for an industry seeking to innovate. This breakthrough may be equally exciting for the video game industry. The movies offer the very best in screen and sound while providing audiences with a first of its kind, collective, in-person gaming experience."

The game is completely free, and the current model will be available to play between July 1st (Terminator: Genisys' release date) and July 3rd. It will split the audience into teams and allow them to fight against Terminators. The winning team will receive commemorative posters, and if it’s a hit, it’s likely the game/ event/ gimmick will expand to a larger number of showings.

Obviously, there is a bit of concern about whether players will continue screwing around with their phones during the actual movie itself, but there’s no way to know exactly how it will shake out until the special screenings themselves happen. So, if you’re into seeing Terminator: Genisys and you’re in to screwing around with your phone, you should check out this new promotion. It could be a whole lot of fun.

An original version of this post contained a longer rant based on the premise that the game was going to be played during the screening. It will actually be played prior to the screening, and therefore, is a whole lot less offensive to human decency. Cinema Blend apologizes for the error.