Wild Hogs 2 Sent To The Scrap Yard

Anyone who bothered to sit down with Wild Hogs in 2007 will be overjoyed to know that Disney has pulled the plug on what surely would have been a terrible sequel. Despite the towering box office receipts of its predecessor, Wild Hogs 2 will join Wedding Banned and the McG project 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea on the list of movies tossed in the circular file since Rich Ross replaced Dick Cook earlier this year, according to Variety.

With a finished script, a cast ready to collect a paycheck, and a director on board, it's a little uncharacteristic of a studio, especially Disney, to pull the plug on something that would surely mint them a piggy bank full of coins. There's been no announcement as to why the film found itself six-feet under, but the poor critical reception the John Travolta picture recieved may have had something to do with it. And of course there's always those pesky creative problems that plague so many films (IE Spider-Man 4.)

My hope is that Disney is reeling in these movies because they want to have extra budget to dump into upcoming films that will actually be good, rather than just make money. There's a whole universe of Marvel content they can play with as well as a forthcoming Pirates of the Caribbean film that I'm sure a few dollars would help solidify. Whatever the reason though, it's been made abundantly clear that Rich Ross has given us a wonderful Christmas gift by not subjecting us to any more bad jokes about being old or shameless spouting of the word “shit” as often as possible. God bless us, everyone!