Tom Arnold, ridiculous as he may be, has been a staple of the film industry for a long time. His resume is extensive to say the least, working with big time director such as James Cameron, and filling in the down time with loads and loads of unrecognizable and terrible crap. Best known as the guy who took Rosanne off the market for five years (a hearty thank you from the men of America for that, Tom), Arnold is stepping back onto the big screen for Peter Berg's Battleship.

Take this with a grain of salt for now as the actor has been known to run his mouth off about projects that just aren't happening, especially since this information comes from a raging Tom Arnold starting a flame war about his career on the Movie Line forums. Taking time out of his surely busy (read: empty) schedule to further harp on the idea of a True Lies 2, Arnold angrily replied to a thread called "9 Hyped Film Projects That Are Never Gonna Happen" that likens him to reality garbage Jon Gosselin and Tila Tequila. In his tirade, he throws in the fact that he'll be accompanying recently hired Taylor Kitsch to Australia for the sci-fi actioner that for some reason involves aliens.

As mentioned, until official word comes out of the Battleship camp, take this with a pretty huge grain of salt. Arnold may have auditioned for the roll and he may just be trying to tip the scales in his favor. It wouldn't be the first seafaring movie he's been in, McHale's Navy comes to mind right away, so signing him on as the comic relief isn't the worst idea I've heard this week, but don't go advertising it to your friends just yet. It might not happen.

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