The Rock Might Get An Unexpected Co-Star If The Rundown 2 Happens

The Rock

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has cemented himself as one of the world's biggest movie stars, but that didn't happen overnight. One of the early movies that raised his profile was 2003's The Rundown, the action-adventure comedy that earned a warm reception, but underperformed financially. Since that movie's release, there hasn't exactly been a lot of passionate cries to see The Rundown 2, but director Peter Berg would be game to tackle it if Jonah Hill is involved.

While plugging his latest movie, Deepwater Horizon, with Collider, Peter Berg was asked if he'll make The Rundown 2. Berg acknowledged there have been discussions about it, and while he originally wanted to team The Rock and Kevin Hart for the sequel, Jonah Hill's involvement would get him to make it immediately. As he put it:

If I could get Jonah Hill, I'd do it tomorrow. If I could get Dwayne and Jonah Hill, I'd do it tomorrow...We want to do it, it's just hard to get everybody, you know. It's on our minds. We actually wrote a script. But I want Jonah Hill, so reach out to Jonah. Pressure Jonah to do it. If Jonah Hill would do it, I'm in.

Since The Rock and Kevin Hart have shared screen time in Central Intelligence and are reuniting for the new Jumanji, putting them together for The Rundown 2 wouldn't be quite as special. The Rock and Jonah Hill, on the other hand, is a pairing we haven't seen yet. For those who haven't seen The Rundown, it featured Dwayne Johnson as Beck, a "retrieval expert," a.k.a. a bounty hunter who collects debts, who goes one last assignment to find his employer's son, and as is expected in these kind of movies, chaos and pandemonium ensued. Adding Jonah Hill into The Rundown 2 might be a fun way to revisit this series, with his comedic talents matching nicely with Johnson's own humor. No doubt someone is eventually going to point out Peter Berg's comment to Hill, and if Berg has his way, that will lead to official talks.

Jonah Hill

Although Jonah Hill has branched off into the world of drama with movies like Moneyball and True Story, his bread and butter is still comedy, like 22 Jump Street, Hail, Caesar!, Sausage Party and War Dogs (though that last one also had plenty of dramatic elements). Getting to work with The Rock in The Rundown 2 may be enticing enough for Hill to want to join. As for Dwayne Johnson, he's making sure he's keeping a consistent onscreen presence, from Baywatch and Rampage to Doc Savage and his HBO series Ballers. Fitting in The Rundown 2 would be difficult, but considering everything he's already packed into his schedule, what's one more movie?

Do you want to see The Rundown 2, and if so, do you want Jonah Hill involved? Let us know in the comments below.

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