Hancock 2 Actually Happening, But Maybe It'll Be Better

Last week when director Peter Berg talked about Hancock 2 here, he didn’t sound as if he knew whether it would happen. Now here we are a few days later, and it definitely is.

THR says Columbia Pictures has hired Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara to write the sequel. Neither of them had anything at all to do with the first film, which from my perspective, is a big point in their favor. From Columbia’s perspective it’s somewhat surprising that they didn’t bring back Vincent Ngo and Vincent Gilligan. They wrote the first movie and even though it didn’t play well in the Tyler household, it did earn them more than $600 million worldwide. Strange move by Sony but maybe good news for us if the new guys can come up with something better.

The original movie starred Will Smith as a boozy superhero with a penchant for destruction. Or rather that was supposed to be what it was about. Thirty minutes in it suddenly abandoned that premise and went with the far less interesting notion that Will Smith was some sort of demi-god with amnesia and a tragic, terribly romantic past. No confirmation on where they’ll go with the sequel, but Berg has talked about bringing in yet another god-superhero for Will’s John Hancock character to interact with.

Josh Tyler