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Hancock is one of those weird blockbusters that wasn't really well-liked by anyone, but made a crap-ton of money at the box office. Odds are you've already forgotten about its role in the summer 2008 lineup, even though it made more money that year than everything but The Dark Knight, Iron Man and Indiana Jones.

But pretty much any successful movie merits a sequel, even one that nobody is really asking for. So talking to MTV recently, director Peter Berg confirmed that plans were in motion for Hancock 2, and here's the kicker-- Will Smith and Charlize Theron are coming back too.

Smith has been involved as a story consultant all along, and it seemed unlikely that they would bother with a sequel without the two stars. Still, Berg probably reassured some people when he told MTV "Everybody's going to come back for a sequel." There will also be a third big name added to the cast, though Berg is staying mum on who that will be. No word on how this will fit into each actor's busy schedule, but when there's so much money to be made, count on more announcements coming soon.
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