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It’s now widely acknowledged that America’s war on drugs was a failure and so, by the way, were most of those anti-drug commercials they ran when you were a kid. The most famous of the bunch is without question the spot was without question the comparison of frying an egg to your brain on drugs. Within about a month of that spot airing almost every kid I knew in junior high had at least one t-shirt making fun of it. Now the movie industry is using it to market their movies.

Limitless is Bradley Cooper’s new movie, in which he starts taking a drug that makes him smart and generally awesome. Drawbacks? Presumably there are some but you won’t see any sign of them in this new viral video for the film, in which that old “this is your brain on drugs” commercial is recycled to show what happens when you take the fictional drug of choice in Limitless, something called NZT. Watch:

Side effects from taking NZT may include excessive wealth and sex with beautiful women. Count me in.

For comparison purposes, here’s that original 80s drug ad which is now so famous it’s basically a cliché:

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