If you're following the coverage from the Toronto Film Festival-- including mine!-- you know that the 2011 Oscar season has really already started. But if you want to get a jump on the next one, here's a date to mark on your calendars-- October 19, 2012. That's when Paramount is planning, according to Deadline, to release a little movie with the production title Twylight Zones. More significantly, it's the directorial debut of David Chase, who completely transformed television when he created The Sopranos.

Not only that, but the movie will reunite Chase with Sopranos patriarch James Gandolfini, in a cast that also includes Brad Garrett, Christopher McDonald and Lisa Lampanelli. The story also brings Chase back to Jersey, in a story about a group of friends who form a garage rock band in the 60s. Gandolfini, obviously not really of rock star age, plays a parent on the wrong side of the generation gap "who has worked hard to give his son everything he didn’t have but now feels some jealousy about the free-wheeling life the boy gets to experience." Basically it's James Gandolfini playing a regular guy, not the terrifying badass we're used to; that enough is reason to start the countdown.

It's very rare to see a first-time director with such amazing credits already to his name from television, and it will be fascinating to see Chase transform his signature style to the more compressed feature format. Obviously paramount thinks so too-- the October 19 release date puts the film, which is technically untitled, smack dab in the middle of Oscar season. Sure you're excited about The Descendants and War Horse right now for Oscar prospects-- but to get ahead of the game you gotta start talking David Chase.

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