New Alien: Covenant Image Reveals Michael Fassbender’s New Look

We don't really know much of what to expect from Ridley Scott's new entry in the Alien franchise, titled Alien: Covenant. It stands to reason that when the explorers of the titular spaceship arrive on another planet it will almost certainly contain Xenomorphs - but it may also, as it turns out, contains hair dye. It looks like Prometheus android David is no longer blond, and he has a brand new body!

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When last we saw the crew of the spacecraft Prometheus, Noomi Rapace's Elizabeth Shaw was blasting off for parts unknown with the head of android David, played by Michael Fassbender, in a sack. However, that head was blond. In this shot, from the official Alien Twitter page, we see Michael Fassbender listening to director Ridley Scott on the set of Alien: Covenant, and while the image is a little blurry, what's clear is that Fassbender's hair is a much different shade than when we last saw him.

What little we know about the plot of Alien: Covenant is that it follows a spacecraft crew on a search for a habitable planet to colonize. Along the way, they find a planet where the only apparent inhabitant is Michael Fassbender's android character David from the previous film. Honestly, it makes sense for the character to change. We're guessing David won't be a disembodied head for the entire film, as that would be too silly, so we'd expect that one way or another he found himself some sort of body. And if he's going through changes like that, maybe he decided a new hair color and style were also appropriate. Just because you're the only inhabitant of an alien paradise doesn't mean you have to let yourself go.

While it's certainly possible Michael Fassbender is actually out of costume here, and just hasn't put on his blonde wig yet, we're inclined to think otherwise. The location that this picture was taken has the look of spacecraft or other structures from previous Alien movies. There are also a couple of guys in the background of the image who are obviously wearing identical outfits, which implies they're in full costume. If they are, and Fassbender is on set, there's no reason to believe that he isn't also in full costume.

There is one other possibility, however. Ridley Scott has previously stated that Michael Fassbender will actually be playing two different roles in Alien: Covenant, so it could be that the Fassbender we see here is actually dressed as his other character. He could be another android who has the same face as David, but otherwise looks different, because how confusing would it be if all androids looked the same?Perhaps David was based off an actual human who will be part of the Covenant crew.

What do you think Alien: Covenant has in store for Michael Fassbender? Are you excited for this next chapter in the franchise?

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