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For some time, it looked like the updated remake of A Star Is Born was going to star pop sensation and general cultural juggernaut Beyonce. Though apparently, that ship has sailed, and coming into port is a new actor who's only recently been linked to the role. If the reports are true, Lady Gaga will be filling the shoes of Bradley Cooper's female lead for his directorial debut.


The news, which was scooped by Variety, mentions that Lady Gaga is currently in negotiations and "on board" for the latest remake of the 1937 film. This variant marks the third version of the story of an aging actor who seeks to help a rising ingenue as his career is on a downturn. Playing the role of said actor is Bradley Cooper, who is a holdover from the phase of production that saw Clint Eastwood looking to direct the film himself. Previously linked to the role was recent Academy Award winner, Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as fellow Academy Award winner, Christian Bale.

Lady Gaga's casting would be a shot to the arm of the long gestating project, as Beyonce left the project back in 2012, and Bradley Cooper was the only person keeping the lights on. The timing is absolutely perfect for Lady Gaga to step into the spotlight of the lead in A Star Is Born, as she's already proven her star power with her Golden Globes win this past January. Her role as The Countess from American Horror Story: Hotel nabbed her the trophy for Best Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film, so the next logical jump is to return to the movies, only this time as a lead actor.


Of course, a new question presents itself now that Lady Gaga has joined the cast of A Star Is Born. That query relates to whether or not the film has to take place in a modern context. Sure, it'd be easy to keep things in the present, and tell a story about how Hollywood is treating its talent these days. But considering how Gaga has basically proven she can play off any time period in her performance, a good opportunity could be in Bradley Cooper's court, as he could decide to have the film take place in a bygone era. It's not a requirement, but it's certainly a challenge that couldn't hurt either Cooper or Gaga's chances at critical acclaim, and possible award nominations.

All of this is big talk for the moment now, as A Star Is Born does not have a confirmed deal with Lady Gaga. Who do you hope gets the role? Are you a Gaga fan, or do you think someone else could take the role to the next level? Let us know your fan casting choices in the Comments section below!

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