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Admit it, the odds are really good that you were just playing a round of Pokemon Go before you read this article. If not, you're probably opening the app right now, hoping that Pikachu has finally shown up to join your collection. You wouldn't be alone, as the recently launched mobile game has been a hot topic as of late, and Legendary Pictures certainly knows that. We say this because it looks like the company that scored a huge international hit with Warcraft is rumored to be the victor of a months long bidding war for the live-action adaptation of Pokemon.

Deadline blew up the airwaves with a supposedly exclusive report, stating that Legendary is supposedly poised to soon close a deal on the storied franchise. This comes after a previous report in April, where it was rumored that Legendary, Sony, and Warner Bros were all competing for the rights, with the studio home to Godzilla and Pacific Rim eager to close the deal since day one. If this new update is anything to go by, there's a chance that the studio will get their wish, leading to the first new Pokemon film in American theaters since 2003's Pokemon Heroes.


While Pokemon has had a healthy life, both as a video game and a television franchise, the theatrical incarnation was the victim of both diminishing returns, as well as a waning period in the brand's viability on the market. But since 90's nostalgia is at its height, and with Pokemon Go becoming the gigantic hit that it is today, the once sleepy negotiations for a live-action version of the series have now become a subject of intense scrutiny. Though we must admit, we're kind of rooting for Legendary Pictures to win the rights to Pokemon, if only because it would make for a possibly killer crossover.

Pokemon Go

The moment Legendary's name came into play for the Pokemon rights, the first thought that popped into our minds is the King Kong / Godzilla crossover that Legendary and competing bidder Warner Bros are looking to put together, Godzilla vs. Kong. While we're already dreaming that Pacific Rim's Kaiju and Jaegers will join in on that epic, cinematic universe fueling bash, it wouldn't be too out of place to throw in some Pokemon action. Should this seemingly far-fetched prospect become a reality, you may as well call the film "The Toybox," as it would become an orgy of childhood favorites with a modern addition, creating a possibly epic throwdown.

For now though, we'll keep our hopes grounded, and our eyes peeled for an official announcement regarding the live-action rights to Pokemon. In the meantime, Pokemon Go is available on Android and iOS devices, just in case you haven't already heard the good news.