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Watch Jimmy Fallon Freak Out After Receiving A Gift From Suicide Squad’s Joker

One of the things that we've learnt about the set of Suicide Squad was that Jared Leto was a bit of a handful. In order to perfect his performance as the super-villain the Joker, the Academy Award winner decided to go full method during production. This included sending out vile gifts to his co-stars as the character. Leto extended this practice to Jimmy Fallon during his appearance on The Tonight Show on Monday night, as he gave the host a present from the Joker. But what did the Joker get for Jimmy Fallon? Check out the video below to find out and to see Fallon's hilarious reaction, too.

Looks like Jimmy Fallon now has a teeny-tiny pet snake to look after. Clearly Fallon had heard the stories about Jared Leto's prevalence for dolling out gifts as the Joker, because as soon as the well-presented box was thrust towards him the Tonight Show host was instantly wary.

In fact, Jimmy Fallon looked preposterously nervous just trying to get into the box, as he complained about how hard it was to pry open. But there was a very good reason why the box was so tightly wrapped. That's because as soon as Fallon opened it up he was greeted with a small snake that instantly began to wriggle towards him and out of his confined abode.

Jared Leto

Not content with poking his head out and gaining a glimpse at the gathered Tonight Show crowd, the snake then proceeded to move across Jimmy Fallon's desk and onto his floor. While Jimmy Fallon himself reacted a little sheepishly or cowardly to the snake, Jared Leto soon jumped into action and picked up the unwanted gift. Of course, he couldn't resist then taunting the obviously petrified Fallon with the snake, too. Because... you would, wouldn't you?

But that wasn't all, because the Joker had also written a note for Jimmy Fallon to accompany his gift. Obviously all of his heinous acts has had an adverse effect on the Joker's penmanship, because Fallon struggled to decipher the message. But after a little help from Jared Leto, it was revealed that the note read:

Dear Sweet Jimmy, enjoy my snake. It's long and skinny and easy to take.

Short and sweet. As the Joker, Jared Leto also got Margot Robbie a rat, which is now her beloved pet, and a dead pig for Viola Davis, which she admitted made her want to hunt down and hurt the actor. You can finally check out Jared Leto's performance as the Joker when Suicide Squad hits cinemas at the end of this week.