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The Scarface Remake May Have Found The Perfect Director

Scarface 1983 Al Pacino

Twice before we've been told the story of Scarface, which has always involved an ambitious immigrant named Tony and his climb to the top of organized crime. And if Universal has their way, a third variant of that story will be heading our way, retaining the legendary Scarface title for all to recognize. Normally, this would be the part where we damn whoever came up with this idea, and tell them to take a hike. However, considering that Antoine Fuqua is considering taking up the director's chair, we're now all of a sudden all ears on the matter.

Variety broke the news involving talks between Universal and Fuqua, which could see the director of the impressive looking remake of The Magnificent Seven tackling another modernized adaptation of the Howard Hawks original. The setting has been moved to Los Angeles in this new film, but the immigrant story aspect will remain. Should Antoine Fuqua board the Scarface remake, it'll be a pseudo-reunion between the director and his Training Day collaborator, David Ayer, as Ayer is one of the writers who has taken a spin at drafting the new reboot.

Antoine Fuqua seems to have an extremely creative muscle when it comes to adapting past material for a modern audience. Not only was The Equalizer a big enough success that a sequel has been discussed, but his remake of The Magnificent Seven looks like it could be the thrilling summer joy ride audiences could use. So trying to lure him into remaking Scarface would give Fuqua a project that overlaps with two of his most powerful wheelhouses: gritty, urban crime drama and exemplary adaptations. However, considering how both The Equalizer and The Magnificent Seven are gems in the crown of Sony, Fuqua's defection to a Universal project might be easier said than done.

Considering how Sony is still trying to get back onto its feet, and if The Magnificent Seven hits like they want it to, Sony could make a sweetheart of a deal that'd keep Fuqua in their good graces for some time. Should that be the case, that could take Scarface off the table, and possibly set the project back in its development. But if Antoine Fuqua manages to bring his A-game to the proceedings, he might become known as the go-to guy for a fresh take on a classic tale. More importantly, it could mean that the Scarface remake may actually be something worth watching.

With Hollywood banking more and more on such projects, it'll be comforting to know that someone in the industry knows how to properly revamp old favorites. We'll see how Fuqua's next modern remake, The Magnificent Seven, plays out when it raises some hell on September 23rd.

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