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Is it just us, or have the gates of development hell somehow been left open these days? Projects like The Dark Tower, who have suffered delays and postponements time and again, seem to be finding themselves revived faster than a speeding bullet. One such project is Warner Bros remake of A Star Is Born, which now has Bradley Cooper as its director and co-star and Lady Gaga as the film's titular "star." And to think, it only took a couple of years, and a change of directors!

News of Warner Bros' decision to green light the film came down from Deadline, as they reported that Cooper and Gaga, who were already rumored to be circling the project earlier this year. The road to putting A Star Is Born into production has been a tumultuous one, as Leonardo DiCaprio and Beyonce were previously attached to the project, with Clint Eastwood being the film's directorial candidate in that same time frame.

Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga

When DiCaprio left the project, that made way for Bradley Cooper to join as the film's male lead. Though when Beyonce eventually departed the project as well, Eastwood suggested that the project could make for a great prospect for Cooper's directorial debut. History took over after that point, and lead us to where we are today.

With Lady Gaga set to play the rising star who must contend not only with her own growing fame, but the simultaneously declining profile of her lover's career, A Star Is Born couldn't ask for better publicity. Not only is Gaga's fan base extremely loyal, but it's probably grown since her Golden Globe winning performance on American Horror Story: Hotel proved more than ever that she could help carry a brand name property. While A Star Is Born isn't exactly a franchise brand per se, Lady Gaga is now following in the footsteps of Janet Gaynor, Judy Garland, and more recently Barbra Streisand, as the female lead in the film's fourth incarnation.

As you can see with the trailer above, each era seems to have its own approach to the story of A Star Is Born, and rightfully so. With the ever changing nature of celebrity, and its relationship with the entertainment industry, there's always new wrinkles, pitfalls, and innovations to take into account when retelling this story of the fame and its side effects.

With Bradley Cooper directing, Lady Gaga composing and writing new songs to perform, and both participants acting in the film's lead roles, A Star Is Born is more than ready to have its moment in the spotlight. Let's just hope nothing else goes awry in the still early process.

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