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Bad Moms

It didn't have superheroes. It wasn't a sequel. And Disney didn't distribute it. And yet, despite all of that, the R-rated comedy Bad Moms still managed to connect with a massive audience this summer, making it one of the season's quietest hits and powering STX Entertainment to a surprise win. We don't encourage gambling. But if we WERE to wager, we'd guess that Bad Moms 2 will be announced very quickly. Allow me to explain why.

As was reported by THR, the hit comedy Bad Moms -- which stars Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell and Christina Applegate as exactly what the title implies -- raced across the $100 million mark this weekend, becoming the only R-rated comedy released this year to pull off such a feat. Bad Moms has now become the top grossing film for STX Entertainment (a new kid on the Hollywood block, for sure), and is turning a ridiculous profit. The reported budget for Bad Moms is $20 million. BoxOfficeMojo has the comedy's global gross at $141 million and counting.

Where does the idea of Bad Moms 2 stem from? It's a simple deduction from the data shared by BoxOfficeMojo. A scan of the top R-rated movies of all time prove that the comedies mentioned either will produce a sequel (Deadpool), did produce a sequel (Beverly Hills Cop, The Hangover), or ARE a sequel themselves (The Hangover Part II). Slipping outside of the Top 10 R-rated movies, you do start to find examples of successful comedies that stopped at one, from Wedding Crashers to There's Something About Mary. But there are also examples like 22 Jump Street to continue the belief that Bad Moms 2 will become a reality.

And why not? Bad Moms became a powerful "date night" movie for groups of women who needed an escape. Hollywood spends so much of its time catering to the young male demographic, yet, dialing up content that's geared toward a strong female audience only makes sense when it overperforms in such a way. Also, Bad Moms was better than expected. Our own Greg Wakeman said that the bawdy comedy was "at its enjoyable best when the women dismiss their responsibilities and crudely embrace the dark side." The red-band trailer showed that off.

What do you think? If they made Bad Moms 2, would you want to spend more time with these characters? Or should the ladies try something different, learning the lessons of The Hangover trilogy? Weigh in below.

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