The Key Person Who Gave Colin Firth Faith In Bridget Jones’s Baby

Colin Firth

Bridget Jones's Baby didn't exactly come together overnight. In fact, much like most sequels that come out more than a decade after the previous installment, the project went through many, many fits and starts before finding itself on solid ground. As a would-be key participant in the project, Colin Firth sat on the sidelines for years waiting for the movie to be made, never quite sure if it would -- but it was one particular person's involvement that inspired him to have faith in the third Bridget Jones movie: Emma Thompson.

When I recently had the chance to talk with Colin Firth about his latest film over the phone earlier this month, one of the subjects we talked about was the long process it took for Bridget Jones's Baby. I was curious if he had ever lost faith in the sequel, or felt that it was inevitable -- and Firth explained that it wasn't really until Emma Thompson (who co-wrote the screenplay and has a supporting role) came aboard to work on the film's script that he believed that the movie was actually going to come together and get made. Said the Oscar winner,

When I realized that there was a serious move to get this going again, Emma Thompson's involvement, you know, the draft that she wrote me, it convinced me that there was a real possibility of a film here. There was a good version of the story to be told, and then from that moment on, there was a momentum, and once I realized that Renee [Zellweger] was genuinely enthusiastic about it, it started to feel inevitable.

Given that Emma Thompson is an Academy Award-winning screenwriter (taking home the gold trophy for 1995's Sense and Sensibility), it's little question why her involvement in Bridget Jones's Baby would instill confidence in anyone -- but Colin Firth had particular reason to be excited. After all, he previously worked with Thompson on both 2003's Love Actually and 2005's Nanny McPhee, and saw successful end results both times.

Emma Thompson Bridget Jones's Baby

Acknowledging this previous working relationship with Emma Thompson, I followed up by asking if her presence and work on the movie continued to be a factor throughout the making of Bridget Jones's Baby - and Colin Firth said that it absolutely did:

It feels like you're safe. If she's involved anywhere, it's going to have some quality to it - and also, she's a great friend. It was a huge bonus, because she just, you know, brings a whole dimension in herself... That was a very big deal, having Emma around.

Now audiences can see the result of their collaboration for themselves, as Bridget Jones's Baby is in theaters now. And after you've seen it, be sure to come back here for more from my interview with Colin Firth!

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