The Mrs. Doubtfire House Is For Sale, And It Is Expensive

Mrs. Doubtfire

It's not unusual for props and memorabilia from movies to sell for quite a lot of money. There can be a great deal of demand for fans who want town a piece of movie history. If you'd like to live in a part of movie history, it's going to be really expensive. The house that Sally Field lived in for Mrs. Doubtfire is for sale, and it can be yours for the low, low price (in San Francisco) of $4.45 million.

The home is located at 2640 Steiner Street in the Pacific Heights neighborhood in San Francisco. It was the primary set location for the 1993 comedy starring Robin Williams where the actor dressed up as an elderly British nanny in order to see his children. It became one of Williams more popular roles in his career and following his death in 2014, fans would leave flowers and other mementos in front of the home.

According to SF Gate, the house is currently owned by surgeon Douglas Ousterhout, who paid $1.395 million for the home in 1997. The doctor is retiring to the California wine country, which is why he's looking to sell the house.

While four and a half million dollars may seem like Dr. Ousterhout has jacked up the price hoping to find a movie fan with deep pockets, anybody reading this who knows the San Francisco Bay Area knows that $4.5 million in Pacific Heights is called "market rate." A quick scan of real estate prices online for the neighborhood finds similar houses all going for similar prices. It's also only slightly more expensive than the Full House house. Basically, if you want the Mrs. Doubtfire house, it won't cost you a penny more than what the house next door will likely sell for. Though that house sells for a fuck-ton of pennies. Unless you're looking for a one bedroom condo, you're not getting into Pacific Heights for less a million bucks.

According to the listing, the living and dining rooms are filled with original woodwork from when the house was built in 1893. We're guessing it's not that woodwork that Robin Williams was dancing on in the movie. Although, if it was, that'll just make your dining room table an even bigger conversation piece.

The house is a four bedroom, four bath, so if you've got a family, a lot of cash, and a love of Robin Williams, maybe the house is for you. Even with the high price tag we assume somebody will buy the house. It will likely be in higher demand than the Silence of the Lambs house, which couldn't give itself away.

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