Of Course Hidden Fences Already Has A Parody Trailer, And It’s Hilarious

During Sunday night's Golden Globes, the title Hidden Fences was erroneously thrown about twice during the evening's proceedings. An obvious gaffe that conflated the titles to Hidden Figures and Fences, it raised some ire, as well as some questions about what such a mash-up would look like. Well, look no further, as that faux film now has its own parody trailer, and it's pretty much everything you'd expect it to be. Get your Kleenex and your Oscar ballots ready, and watch below.

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert are the folks behind this funny clip, which leans more on the side of the true story of three NASA mathematicians than the Pulitzer Prize-winning story about family drama and strife. But that doesn't make it any less powerful when you watch young Fence (playing itself) persevering against all odds and his father's warnings to become the first fence in space. It's a story that could only be told on a late night talk show, and damnit, it's been told now!

For such a thin premise, Hidden Fences does get quite a bit out of its joke. Though the better half of the material comes from the social satire that embroiled this title's creation, as the film is billed as "Based on the true story of people who think all movies about black people are the same movie." Now, to be fair, the two titles are slightly easier to confuse than others. With both Fences and Hidden Figures being mentioned usually in the same awards-season breathe, flipping things around isn't totally unheard of.

Still, one would think that by now we would have heard about the equally incorrect, and possibly funnier parody project, Figures. Which, to be honest, would probably be just a version of Fences with stick people. Though with the performances of Denzel Washington and Viola Davis behind those stick figures, you'd probably see the Best Picture trophy going to its first animated entry, as the resulting product would be hailed as quite the achievement. I guess we'll just have to settle for two perfectly good movies that already exist, and have proven to be entertaining and powerful experiences.

Hidden Figures and Fences are both currently in theaters. The only way you'll see Hidden Fences is if you keep watching the trailer above or make the film yourself. Should you engage in the latter, be prepared for some laughter, and possibly some strange looks.

Mike Reyes
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