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Pierce Brosnan in Mama Mia

It's been a couple of months since Pierce Brosnan was seen in a picture with Ryan Reynolds, and found himself embroiled in Deadpool 2 casting conversations. Now, the former James Bond has finally spoken about out about the rumors. Unfortunately, if you were hoping that the former James Bond was all set to be Cable in Deadpool 2, it's apparently not happening. Brosnan says the picture was just a picture and nobody has spoken to him about being in the next Deadpool movie. In his words...

Not true. Nothing's come my way yet.... I don't lie. They know where to find me, it's just fabricated.

The picture was brought up on Jimmy Kimmel Live and the host asked the actor if there was anything to the speculation. According to Pierce Brosnan, the three actors were simply waiting for a plane together when somebody suggested they get a photo. Ryan Reynolds then posted the photo to his Instagram, and the internet did the rest.

Jimmy Kimmel does press Pierce Brosnan a bit. Kimmel points out that if Brosnan had signed on to play Cable, but was being asked to keep it secret, he would likely be giving the same answer that he gives here. Brosnan claims he would be utterly truthful if he had the part, but he's clearly joking around at that point. It's unlikely, though not impossible, that Cable has been cast and they're keeping it a secret. The casting of Domino has been officially announced, so it doesn't make a great deal of sense that they'd announce one major casting decision while holding another one back, though anything is possible.

On the plus side, if you think Pierce Brosnan as Cable is a great choice, and it certainly wouldn't be the worst idea, Brosnan doesn't discount the possibility of taking the role. He specifically says nothing has come his way. He doesn't say that he wouldn't be interested if something did come his way.

The role of Cable in Deadpool 2 has been one of the most talked about film roles literally since the first film ended. It was in a scene after the credits had rolled where we were told that Cable would be part of Deadpool 2. While other new roles have been officially cast, nothing has yet come through on Cable, though several actors have been rumored to be under consideration while others have put their names out as being interested in the part. The word is that Deadpool 2 will start filming later this year so odds are we'll be getting a definitive announcement sooner rather than later.

We're certainly looking forward to hearing who is eventually cast as Cable. Deadpool 2 can't come fast enough, though still without a release date, we have no idea when we'll finally see it.

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