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Movie theaters have been making all kinds of changes in recent years, from altering the way that seating works to updating the drinks and beverages menu. For the most part, a lot of these changes have been well received. At least one person, however, isn't down with all the switches. She attended a screening at the Metrograph Theater, but instead of regular buttered movie popcorn, she ended up with sea salt and olive popcorn. Gale Anne Hurd, who has produced such juggernaut projects as The Terminator and The Walking Dead recently revealed her displeasure for the weirdo popcorn at a recent screening of The Terminator, noting:

It's pretty funny to think about the producer leaving a screening for a movie she was once involved with because the popcorn wasn't to her liking, especially since Gale Anne Hurd was there to see an older movie that isn't exactly playing at every theater in town. As reasons go, I think most people would put it after people talking and even bad picture quality. In her defense though, there's nothing worse than ordering movie popcorn and it not being as satisfying as you thought. That's the worst. Popcorn you make at home just doesn't taste the same. When you go the movies, you want the full experience. Who wants healthy popcorn when you can have all of the butter?

The Metrograph is known as a pretty nice theater, and as such was pretty bummed by the very public response from the popular producer. At first the outlet responded to offer free Pocky, but when that earned no response, the theater said:

Format change was our mistake, & we apologize... We're happy to hook you up with a pair of free tix to make up for it.

There's no word yet regarding whether or not she took the theater up on its offer, or whether or not she'll be back if buttery popcorn is not an option.

It's all about balancing the classics with forward innovation. We don't want to be eating all the exact same things at the theater fifty years from now. Food should continue to get better and more innovative. I think most people agree adding alcohol has been a great too, but there should always be things like buttered popcorn and candy in that weird box. There's something about going to the movies that's timeless. It's fun to be eating popcorn and think about how others were doing the same thing decades ago. Plus, butter is great, and that will never change.

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