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A Terminator with gun in Terminator 2: Judgment Day

The end of days might nearly be upon us, because Russia has built and are currently training a humanoid robot to shoot guns out of both of its hands, and it looks terrifying. Rather than recognising the error of their ways, and paying heed to the countless amount of sci-fi films that have indicated this is how the apocalypse will be triggered, the Russian government has instead gotten into a battle of semantics. That's because Russia's deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin is insisting that Russia has not created a Terminator, before then basically revealing that the country's new robot has the potential to be just that. Dimitry Rogozin explained,

We are not creating a Terminator, but artificial intelligence that will be of great practical significance in various fields.

Well, that clears that up then, doesn't it? But if Russia isn't referring to the gun-totting robot as a Terminator, then what are is the country actually calling it? Somehow Russia has dreamed up a name that's even more frightening, as the robot is called Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research. But it's close friends simply call it FEDOR.

According to the Independent, Android Technics and the Advanced Research Fund, the Skynet to FEDOR's Terminator, decided to teach it how to shoot guns from both of its hands in order to improve the android's motor skills and decision-making. You can take a look at FEDOR and decide for yourself whether he's actually dangerous, or if he's just a glorified toaster, by checking out the image of the robot below.

Need to see more? Well Russia isn't being shy about how eclectic its war arsenal is, because the country has also uploaded a video of FEDOR in action, too. You can check out FEDOR shooting both of his guns in the footage below, which emerges at around the one minute mark.

Those of you that are anticipating sleepless nights over FEDOR can take solace in the fact that Russia actually plans to shoot it up into space in 2021. In fact, FEDOR could be the only passenger on board Russia's Federation spacecraft. Which means that rather than having a Terminator scenario on our hands, if things do suddenly go haywire, then the most applicable film could actually be Dr. Strangelove, which concluded with the world being destroyed by a hoard of nuclear bombs. Let's just hope that President Donald Trump has already ordered work on a Johnny Five-style robot that will be able to talk FEDOR out of any plans to embark on world domination.