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How Katherine Heigl Feels About Finally Getting To Play A Villain In Unforgettable

Katherine Heigl in Unforgettable

Katherine Heigl has played a variety of roles over her acting career, but usually her characters fall under the protagonist or "good" category. Unforgettable is switching things up by having Heigl as the villain. The Denise Di Novi-directed thriller pits Heigl's Tessa Connover against Rosario Dawson's Julia Banks, with the former coming across as completely insane due to her stalker behavior. However, Heigl found the new role a refreshing change of pace mainly due to the character's psychological flaws. She stated:

She was so complicated for me in a way that was so different than a lot of characters I've played. I keep thinking of Jane in 27 Dresses---I loved that character---but she was complicated in a very obviously perfectionist way. That's a relatable, typical flaw. Tessa has a million monsters in her closet so it's so juicy and fascinating to dive into that. That's what I like about performing is understanding all different kinds of psychologies and life experiences.

While Katherine Heigl acknowledged in her interview with Time that her 27 Dresses character was certainly flawed, playing Tessa Connover in Unforgettable provided a different kind of challenge. The complications of playing someone with so many "monsters in the closet" was what drew the actress to the role, since it provided a different kind of life experience compared to what she's done in previous movies and TV shows. Of course, finding someone as disturbed as Tessa in real life is difficult, but regardless, getting to dive into villain territory was clearly an enjoyable experience for Heigl. Perhaps she'll attempt to snag more antagonistic roles in the future after her time on Unforgettable.

Unforgettable follows Katherine Heigl's Tessa Connover in the aftermath of her failed marriage with David, played by Geoff Stults. When David gets engaged to Rosario Dawson's Julia Banks, that sends the already-upset Tessa in a downward spiral, especially with Julia looking after Tessa's daughter, Lily. Determined to make life hell for Julia, Tessa kicks off her campaign of mind manipulation, from making Julia look like a bad parental figure to David to messing with her personal life online. Eventually this conflict escalates into a physical confrontation between the two women, with Tessa determined to reclaim control and Julia...well, she just wants to stay alive at that point!

In case you haven't seen Unforgettable yet, watch the trailer below to catch some snippets of just how unhinged Katherine Heigl's character is.

Unforgettable is now playing in theaters, and Katherine Heigl can next be see, or rather, heard, in The Nut Job 2. You can also check out our Unforgettable review.

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