New Mummy Video Shows Off Tom Cruise’s Stunt Work

Tom Cruise is well-known for his desire to perform his own stunts in his movies. However, a new video shows just how committed the actor really is to doing everything that a film requires, and how he inspires that same desire in everybody else. The clip below focuses on the stunt work in The Mummy and it doesn't matter if it's a collapsing building or a high-speed chase, whatever it is, Tom Cruise is there, check it out.

Previously, we've seen a lot about the zero gravity stunt that The Mummy has shown off in the trailers. However, the video from SyFy Wire goes well beyond that to include brief looks at many other action sequences that will be in the film. Although it doesn't matter what we see, one thing we don't see is a stuntman in the place of Tom Cruise. One interesting item is that it seems that Tom Cruise tends to inspire confidence in his co-stars. A couple of them speak in the video about the stunts they did alongside Cruise. Apparently, when Tom is willing to the stunts his co-stars don't want to look like wimps, so they end up doing the stunts too, even though they may not be too excited about it.

From a collapsing building to jumping into a runaway bus, we see Tom Cruise on the set getting involved in every stunt he can. The other thing that we see here is that nearly everything is done practically. Only one sequence, a rolling car, is done in front of a blue screen. The rest are real stunts on location.

The highlight of the video, however, may be the end, when we see what a consummate performer Tom Cruise truly is. The crew jokes with him after a sequence of rolling down a hill, because he made sure on the way down that the camera got a clear shot of his face three separate times. He wants to be sure the audience knows there wasn't a stuntman involved in the shot. That shows just how good Cruise is, he was able to do the stunt while keeping his awareness of where the camera was at all times.

If the rest of The Mummy is as good as the stunt work, we could be in for an amazing experience later this summer when the film arrives in theaters. The Mummy is planned to be the starting point of a major movie monster cinematic universe. Tom Cruise has set the bar for the stuntwork for all the lead actors to come.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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