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The arrival of The Dark Tower should be an event. Stephen King's seven-book series has been fighting its way to the silver screen for years, and now that we finally have a Gunslinger in Idris Elba, Roland fans should be chomping at the bit to get access to the latest Tower footage. In this era of superheroes and sequels, though, Wonder Woman and the pending Spider-Man: Homecoming are eating up headlines, so Sony's trying to win back attention with three new The Dark Tower TV spots, starting with "Knight," and a very familiar mantra:

Those who read Stephen King's books know that the words spoken by Idris Elba in that clip from The Dark Tower is the mantra of the Gunslingers, a fading race of protectors who once marched the Earth in combat with evil. Roland (Elba) is the last of this kind, and he's obsessed with his final mission... to reach the Tower of the movie's title. Roland is opposed by a shadowy figure -- a character who is getting a beefed up role in the movies, mainly because he's played by Matthew McConaughey. Meet the Man in Black in the second TV spot that just dropped:

Those TV spots largely recycled footage that was included in the latest full trailer for Nikolaj Arcel's adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower. But if you are looking for any type of new scene, you have to look to this third option, titled "Earth." In it, we see Roland operating in our world, where we assume he has traveled with young Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor), an American child who dreams of Roland's adventures in Mid-World and realizes they are somehow connected. The "Earth" TV spot ends on Roland interacting with American doctors. And yeah, basically, they can't figure him out.

In general, though, these TV spots repeat what has been said in the trailers, suggesting that there's less to be learned about Mid-World and Roland's quest in The Dark Tower than we might have hoped. Everything we have been told about The Dark Tower is that this will be a sequel, of sorts, to the books, so it won't play out along the expected Beam (or path) that we know from the novels. I'm still hoping we get more insight into Roland's mystical biography in Arcel's first movie. In order for the rest of the chapters to get adaptations, The Dark Tower needs to do well, so it needs to win over an audience. Is it working?

Sony will release The Dark Tower on August 4. For more details on all the movies opening in 2017, check out our full 2017 Movie Release calendar.

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