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Several months ago Edgar Wright made an enigmatic comment about Meryl Streep being in his new movie, but this was never confirmed. So is the Academy Award winner actually in Baby Driver? The director has now followed up on his previously deleted statement. This morning the director found himself jet lagged and wired on espresso and so he opened up his Twitter feed to questions from fans. I decided to ask him about his previous statement regarding Meryl Streep, and I got an answer, sort of...

Here's the thing, I have seen Baby Driver. Several of us here at CinemaBlend have, at least one of us has already seen it twice, and none of us can tell you where you'll find Meryl Streep in it. However, based on Edgar Wright's response, it's clear that she is in the movie, sort of. This mysterious response follows on Wright's original comment, where he responded to a fan by saying "Streep is in my new movie. No joke. Uh. you'll see." At the time we weren't even sure if Wright was referring to Baby Driver or some other project he was working on. Now we have at least that much confirmed. So where do we find her?

Based on the fact that Edgar Wright is being non-committal, and the fact that Meryl Streep clearly doesn't play a significant role in the movie, we can be sure of that much having seen it, we're guessing that you can see Meryl Streep at some point in the movie, even though she's not actually involved in the plot. The most obvious place to possibly find her is on television. In the film, the character of Baby, played by Ansel Elgort, lives with his foster father, a deaf man who watches more than a little television. A couple of scenes include Baby and his dad fighting over the remote and doing a bit of channel surfing here and there, it's possible that they flip past a Meryl Streep movie, thus putting Streep "in" the movie.

It's also possible that her image is in an advertisement someplace, a billboard or a poster on a bus stop that's promoting a Meryl Streep movie may be in the background or an establishing shot at some point. At this point, advertising has become so normal that we don't even see it anymore, so if our eyes skipped past it, it's not surprising.

One way or another Meryl Streep apparently does appear in Baby Driver so keep your eyes open when you check it out this weekend, something you should absolutely do because the movie is fantastic. Also, keep your ears open. Music is a big part of Baby Driver, so maybe her voice makes its way into the soundtrack somehow.

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