Though it feels like it only just started, summer 2017 has finally begun to draw to a close. The last three months saw a wave of movies debut in theaters, and now that the dust has settled, we can finally see which films emerged victorious and which films fell flat. On that note, we have gone through this summer's offerings to make sense of the winners and losers. Take a look at our compilation, and make sure to let us know what lessons Hollywood can glean from this season in the comments section below!

Winner: Patty Jenkins

In terms of accolades and box office staying power, this summer almost certainly belongs to Wonder Woman's Patty Jenkins. Diana Prince's solo movie has made historic amounts of money, and many people are even calling for Jenkins to get Oscar recognition when awards season rolls around. That is pretty good when we consider how heavily the odds seemed stacked against Wonder Woman and the DCEU before Jenkins' film debuted. Beyond that, she proved herself as a shrewd negotiator in her deal to direct Wonder Woman 2, which will ultimately see her become the most highly paid female director in Hollywood.

Loser: Steven Soderberg

Steven Soderbergh completely shattered the mold and threw out the pieces with the Southern-themed heist romp Logan Lucky. The film was a creative gamble at almost every step, as Soderbergh sidestepped the traditional studio and distribution model to release the movie almost completely independently -- which required his A-list cast to take fairly substantial pay cuts just to make the film work. Alas, if we are to go by the movie's opening weekend, it does not look like the gamble paid off, as Logan Lucky ultimately disappointed when it finally made its debut in theaters.

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