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The road to the completion of the untitled Han Solo spin-off in the Star Wars universe has been a rough one, to say the least. Prior to production,the film dealt with some of the prequel stigma that many films of its ilk encounter. Then, the drama that came out between the powers that be and directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller certainly didn't help things. And yet, current Ron Howard knew exactly what the public needed to start having fun with the idea of a new Han Solo movie again: he needed to tease the film with such fun photos as the one shown below.

Continuing a campaign of using his social media accounts to stoke the fires in Star Wars fans' hearts, Howard tweeted a photo from a certain character's wardrobe. The only thing is, we don't know who that certain someone is, which is naturally the point of Howard's game with the internet savvy public. Though with this new mystery comes a brand new round of questioning that pertains to an already mysterious film.

Of course, our first guess is in line with a lot of the chatter on the internet, as we think these colorful duds belong to the flashiest dresser in the Star Wars galaxy, Lando Calrisian himself. It'd be really weird to imagine the usually plain-clothed Han wearing these colors on a normal Corellian day, and if history has taught us anything, it's that Lando tends to strut into any day of his life with at least two different shades to his wardrobe. Not to mention, we've already pictured Donald Glover in that first jacket, and it's such a perfect fit.

Then again, these could be the clothes of a totally new character that we haven't seen before. Maybe Woody Harrelson's mentor to Han Solo, Becket, happens to be the character that inhabits these very clothes. There's even a shot that maybe, just maybe, Emilia Clarke will end up wearing some of these jackets. The point is, Ron Howard has provided the Star Wars fan community with such a puzzling photo that it'll probably have people guessing for a couple weeks to come, and the man is probably having a good natured laugh in his trailer, knowing we're all asking the big questions and taking to the archives to try and prove our theories. Though, to be honest, could you really see anyone but Lando wearing this stuff?

While we ponder these nifty looking threads, at least it's good to know that the tentatively titled Solo is currently in its last weeks of production. The Star Wars spin-off centered around Han Solo is shooting for a May 25, 2018 release date, though if anything should change on that front, we'll provide the latest updates as they develop.

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