The Fun Way Sydney Is Preparing For The IT Premiere

After months of anticipation, it's still a little hard to believe that the release of Stephen King's IT is almost here, and Warner Bros. Pictures is certainly working to celebrate the new movie in fun ways. We've seen some super creepy trailers and TV spots, but ahead of this weekend's release, at least one city has really ramped up for the IT premiere. In Sydney, red balloons are floating out of sewer drains in a perfect nod at the balloon that Pennywise offers his victims. If you check it out, perhaps you'll float too.

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On Monday, the red balloons popped up in storm drains around Sydney, with some people on social media quickly making a connection between the red balloons and Pennywise, the clown at the heart of Stephen King's hit. A lot of these red balloons popped up in high traffic areas and even near office buildings, accompanied with a message about the upcoming movie's release. However, if you are just passing by one of these installations, it's the balloon you should see first.

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The balloon marketing in Syndey follows a move that Stephen King himself seems to have made earlier this week when the famous house put a red balloon in one of the windows of his Bangor, Maine home. If you've been in Bangor, the balloon was put in the front left window of his house, nodding at Pennywise's sinister presence. King has also said he is excited for the upcoming release of IT, and has given high praise for the movie ahead of its official release.

IT is finally hitting theaters on September 8 in the U.S., with early previews on Thursday night. As the picture above shows, the movie is out on the 7th in Sydney. IT is the first movie planned in a two-part movie series, with the first focusing on The Losers Club, a group of young misfits in Derry, Maine, who all encounter Pennywise in various ways. You'll be able to see the kids in action, alongside Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise when IT hits theaters this weekend.

It's been a slow few weeks at the movies, but with the release of IT, and upcoming movies like American Made, Kingsman 2 and more, the box office should be a little more exciting this month. If you'd like to see what other movies we're excited for in September or take a look at which movies are hitting theaters before the end of the year, we have you covered.

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