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Pixar is no stranger to making hit movies, but it's possible that the studio's newest release, Coco, might be an even bigger hit for the company than usual, as the film has achieved a milestone they haven't seen in almost a decade. Following Coco's Wednesday release, the movie has achieved an A+ Cinemascore rating. This means that the word of mouth coming out of the first screenings is going to be incredibly high, leading to a potentially huge opening weekend as well as a strong box office run overall.

While Coco actually marks the sixth time in studio history where a film has received an A+ Cinemascore, it hasn't happened since Up back in 2009. This means that opening night audiences don't just like Pixar's newest film, but they love it. Combine this with the fact that there really isn't another movie with broad audience appeal hitting theaters before Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits in mid-December and audiences could end up flocking to see Coco. If there's nothing else to see and your friend tells you Coco is amazing, there's a good chance you'll end up checking it out.

The other thing that Coco really has going for it is that the movie itself is all about the importance of family, and as such, the movie has the potential to draw large groups of people. If entire families decide to go see Coco together the ticket scales go up in a really big way.

While we're still early in the Thanksgiving weekend, it does look like Coco is performing in accordance with that strong word of mouth. The film is coming out on top of Justice League, if only slightly. Black Friday tends to be a popular day for hitting the theater, likely because a lot of people have the day off and are either avoiding the stores or need a place to relax after their shopping spree. We'll likely have a much better idea how the box office weekend is going to turn out after the numbers come in from today. Through Thanksgiving day, according to Deadline, Coco is tracking behind Frozen and Moana but ahead of The Good Dinosaur and Tangled when it comes to Thanksgiving weekend animated films.

Even if Justice League is able to edge out Coco this weekend, there's a strong likelihood that Coco, being slightly newer and better reviewed, will have a stronger next couple of weeks. Of course, once Star Wars: The Last Jedi arrives on December 15, it will almost certainly consume the box office almost entirely for the rest of the year. It's currently expected to see an opening weekend of more than double what Coco is expected to generate over the five day holiday weekend.