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Ron Howard Dropped A Star Wars Cockpit Picture To Celebrate 2018

Of all the things to look forward to in the new year, one of the biggest, for Star Wars fans at least, is that we don't have to wait 12 months for the next movie. The director of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Ron Howard, rung in the new year with a shot of a spacecraft cockpit, hinting at what he has planned for the new year.

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It's not entirely clear if the person sitting in the cockpit is Ron Howard himself or somebody else. It's also not clear exactly what spaceship the person is sitting in. It's not the Millennium Falcon, at least not the version of it that fans are familiar with. It's possible that if the Falcon is in significantly different shape in this film, which will be set prior to the original Star Wars trilogy, this could be what it looks like early on, though it would seem more likely this is a different ship altogether. We also don't know if the image is an indication that the movie will take place on a planet where people still wear acid wash jeans.

While Solo: A Star Wars Story went through some significant issues with its directors being replaced in the middle of filming, the movie has continued to move forward at the same pace, it's release date of May 2018 hasn't budged a day, which, considering that many of the other scheduled Star Wars movies did see their dates pushed back for various reasons, has seemed rather odd. The delay in filming has meant that we have yet to see a trailer for a movie that is set to hit screens in five months.

While the desire to see a trailer is understandable, in this case, it feels a bit more pressing. We know that Ron Howard reshot a lot of Solo: A Star Wars Story, more than he really expected to, which makes everybody curious just what this movie is going to look like. While a trailer can certainly be cut together to show a movie in any way people like, people are very interested to get some sort of hint as to what the final version of the film looks like.

One might have expected a first look for Solo: A Star Wars Story to be attached to The Last Jedi, but it would seem Lucasfilm wasn't quite ready for that yet. At this point, they probably want to wait for The Last Jedi to run its course so fans don't start looking forward to the next movie before the current one has finished its run. And with The Last Jedi crossing the billion-dollar mark recently, that's understandable.

Instead of a trailer, Ron Howard gave us still shots as well as brief clips from the set of the new Star Wars anthology film. Nothing that gave us any context for the story, of course, just enough to make us curious.

We're as excited for Solo: A Star Wars Story as Ron Howard is. We'll finally get to see what all the excitement is about when the film arrives in May.

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