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How Guillermo Del Toro Feels About Natalie Portman's Male Directors Jab At The Globes

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The Golden Globes spent a lot of time focusing on women in Hollywood when the ceremony aired this weekend, and longtime actress Natalie Portman worked in her own dig at the industry while announcing the winner for Best Director. She noted the "all-male nominees" before going on to announce the winner. Now, one of the directors in the category, and in fact the winner of Best Director at the Golden Globes this year, Guillermo del Toro, has responded to Natalie Portman's comment, noting in an email,

I think it was great! She should say exactly what she feels. There is phenomenal work being done by female directors.

If you didn't watch the Golden Globes when they aired, Natalie Portman's comment was kind of a big deal on the internet, with some fans tweeting support for Portman and others feeling kind of bad for the dudes who were nominated, who did make good movies this year and who didn't vote themselves into the category. The comment became a bigger deal than it may normally have been, too, because the camera panned over to Guillermo del Toro right after Natalie Portman announced his name, and he seemed pretty stumped about how to handle the moment. Here's what that looked like, if you missed it.

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Following that awkward few seconds, Guillermo del Toro won the category for his work on The Shape of Water, and he went onstage and made a heartfelt speech about how he has loved monsters since he was a kid, and how monsters have always seemed to him an incarnation of humanity's "blissful imperfection." It was a heartfelt speech, and one that totally embodied del Toro's career as a director, but the ghost of Natalie Portman's comment was still onstage while it was being spoken. Thus, it's nice to hear Guillermo del Toro tell IndieWire that there are no hard feelings and Portman should be able to speak her mind. He also mentioned there have been a lot of cool movies this year that have been headlined by female directors, including but not limited to Mudbound, Wonder Woman and Lady Bird. (The latter won Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy at the 2018 Globes.)

The Golden Globes really got the ball moving on awards season, and there's still plenty to come, including the Critic's Choice Awards, the BAFTA Awards, the SAG Awards, the Oscars and many, many more. We'll keep you updated if the attendees of these events this year continue wearing black. Until then, you can see what the 2018 movie season has to offer with our full schedule.

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